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C.Y.? DaPhoenix & SHADES

Give my buddy C.Y.? some love. He's smashing his way through the hip hop business. If you like real talent and an artist who writes his own songs, give him a listen on Soundcloud.


See also C.Y.? and the hip hop trio SHADES:


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Alan Draven -- Horror Writer

I've been online pals with Alan for several years now. His writing astounds me with its old-time feel. Alan goes back to a time when horror was more psychological and not defined by the blood and gore "shock factor," which I myself am guilty of using. Check him out:

Alan Draven

 (Author of the "Bitternest" books)

Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc & Twisted Dreams Magazine

"The Mistress Macabre -- dark, eclectic author"

This woman is amazing. She helped inspire me to continue writing and has helped me out immensely over the last 6 years (has it really been that long? Since 2005 ... ) by giving me excellent advice and generously helping me to raise my writing voice by accepting my work for her magazine on multiple occasions. Check out her work and her services -- you won't regret  it! Just click the banners to learn more.


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^^ Twisted Dreams Magazine ^^



Andrea's Services:


 Are you a dark artist looking to network?

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Serendipity Entertainment

Are you in or near the Thumb and Blue Water Area of Michigan? Need entertainment for a party or event?

"Serendipity's talented and experienced team proves to be a crowd-pleaser at every show and event!"

What they do:

  • Three Sheets to the Wind Improv
  • Williams and Vance Vocal Variety
  • Improv classes and workshops
  • Hosting, Emceeing, Karaoke Contests and more!


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