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Posted by Sara Vance-Hogan on February 20, 2011 at 6:44 PM

I know, I know: you've been hearing it for a long time now. "GET ON WITH IT, WOMAN!" you're saying.

I haven't forgotten my goals. I do still have a few books/stories I'm working on. I've just hit a "I suck" wall. I'm not feeling very motivated lately because of it. But I'm trying to get back into things. I finished the sequel to "Dies Irae." You'd think that would make me happy and give me motivation to work on the others ... but, the people I've sent it to (a fan; a sister; my father; a few others), have not responded. My father said he's been really busy with work and the same with my sister. My father has gushed about this book, even quoted it, so I know he loves it. But still, the lack of response towards the sequel has kind of gotten me down again and reaffirmed that whole suckage thing.

BUT despite all this negativity plaguing my brain ... I DO want to keep writing. And I will. Every day I get closer and closer to opening those unfinished documents. I would probably be working on them now if it weren't for the fact that hubby is home and for some reason, I get self-conscious writing when he's in the room with me (we share a computer room). SO. Perhaps Tuesday will be the day. Unless I get a bug in my ass and say "fuck it" and get over that self-consciousness and work with him behind me anyway.

Dad told me not to give up on my dream of becoming a household name and having one of my books on the big screen one day. He's so cute ^_^ I just hope I don't let him down :)

So I guess what I'm saying is, don't give up on me. I have your stories. I think "Table Rock's Vampire" will be the first out of the three I'm working on to be featured here on the website. I will probably also make it available on Kindle and *big fat maybe* on Lulu, too.

Keep spreading the word. Because one day, this website will be FULL of awesome stories.

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