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September Update

Posted by Sara Vance-Hogan on September 22, 2010 at 9:13 PM

I have been unable to write much the past several weeks due to a new "job" I have. I am being paid by my sister to take my niece to school every morning because my niece's schedule conflicts with my sister's. My niece gets dropped off at my house at 6am and I watch her until 8:30 when I take her to school. I also pick her up from school and in addition babysit my other niece (her sister) a day or two a week (though this week I have been babysitting both of them since my parents are out of town for an anniversary vacation--my mom usually watches the younger niece through the week).

In addition to THEM, I also watch my husband's "niece" (she's actually his best friend's daughter that is like family to us) Monday through Friday from 5pm until almost 10pm during the times her father is deployed (he's in the Navy and deploys out every other month or so for a couple to several weeks at a time).

These "jobs" leave very little time for writing in between my naps and other daily chores (all the housework, dinner, and laundry--I don't let my husband do anything since I'm a stay-at-home wife--my choice, not his (he does offer to help and I won't let him)).

However, do not despair. Though I'm slowe than usual, I am still writing tidbits here and there when I can. I will soon have an update on "In Aeternum," and hopefully a big one at that since it's long overdue. I'm going to try and work on it tomorrow and this weekend so it can be posted by Monday.

I'm extra busy this week because as I mentioned before, my parents are out of town. My mother usually watches the little one, but since she's gone, I've taken over for the most part. My two younger sisters (twins) are watching the little one tomorrow in order to give me a break, but since they live with my mother and have to help with her every day, I wanted to give them a vacation too.

However, unexpectedly, I'm having to babysit my husband's niece Thursday, then I have both of my nieces on Friday because my older niece doesn't have school that day, so I'm going to have both of them (her and her sister) from 6am till 4:30pm, plus my husband's niece from 12:30pm until whenever her mother's dr. appointment is finished. SO, Friday is going to be quite hectic and crazy for me and my apartment will probably be tore apart before the day is over. I'm going to VERY tired that day.

I'm sure this is all confusing and irrelevant to some of you, and to you mothers who do all this on a daily basis, you're probably thinking "geez, what a whiner!" but for someone like me who's not used to having kids all day, it's crazy. Don't get me wrong, I love my nieces to death! Just, being so busy with them leaves little time for writing and I'm so exhausted by the end of the day. I'm even rethinking my desires to have my own children, lol.

Well, there you have it. An update.

I have several short stories I will be posting on this website soon. I'm almost finished with one so expect it within the next couple weeks. The others are more like novellas so it will take longer to finish and post them.

And, if you haven't read any of my published books yet, please check them out here at my bookstore (click here). Or you can just click on the link to the left side of the screen where it says "My Books for Sale" and you can read more info on that page :-)

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