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Sara used to write under the names R. Vance and Reyanna Vance. She started using the pseudonym "Reyanna" in 2004 when she wrote for Quizilla. She kept the name when she published her first book "Vampires Don't Exist" (now titled "Dead Seed") because she thought using the name would make it easier for her fans from Quizilla to find her.

In May 2010 she decided to drop the pseudonym because she didn't like being known for a name other than her own. All of her books except "Dead Seed" have been re-released with her real name. "Dead Seed" will stay under the name R. Vance in order to retain its ISBN and preserve its many positive reviews.

Sara Vance-Hogan uses Lulu to publish her books, despite a small bit of scrutiny for doing so. Some people refuse to read a self-published book because they think the content is rubbish and full of mistakes and typos. Newsflash: all it takes is a little bit of research and reading sample chapters to see if a self-published author is worth your time. Obviously, if the sample chapter is well written, it's a good indication that the rest of the book will be too. You can tell sometimes just by reading a summary alone that the author is crap and not worth the money. Read. Research, and open your mind before scrutinizing a self-published author. If by reading Sara's sample chapters you realize she's not your cup of tea, move on and have a nice day :)

Sara also has had several short stories and poems published in the "Twisted Dreams" magazine and its sister magazine, "Worlds Within . . . Worlds Beyond." Her newest contribution ("Rest Stop"*) to "Twisted Dreams" will appear in the Halloween 2010 issue.



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*"Rest Stop" is now available on this website as the contract with TD Magazine is expired.

Eclectica: The World of Shadows


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Eclectica: The World of Shadows -- Available ONLY from Lulu!

Ever wonder what would happen when you get some of the most twisted and just-not-right, authors, together for one masterful book of the freakish and unusual? ECLECTICA - THE WORLD OF SHADOWS, that's what you get. Stories and poems of alternate lives, revenge, werecreatures, and enough shivers and chills to last an entire night, await you in this very first compilation from the gifted weirdos at THE GOTHIC CREATIVES ASSOCIATION! Enjoy just *might* want to leave a light on.

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Published Works

If you're interested in some new books to read, and you like what you've read of my work so far, here's a list of all my books. For reviews, availability, and more, click the links that come with each title. To see book trailers, click the link or scroll down.



-- Dies Irae: The End (final part of the "Dies Irae" series)

-- Dead Seed (vampire horror)

-- Dementia (vampire thriller)

-- Bad Customers: A Guide to Customer Etiquette (humorous guide)

-- Dies Irae Series (epic fantasy)

-- Table Rock's Vampire (action/comedy) (ONLY on Kindle or READ FOR FREE HERE)



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Dies Irae (Day of Wrath): The End

Dies Irae: The End
Paperback, download & Kindle

(part three)

It’s been three months since Samara and her comrades destroyed the orb. Three months since they lost a dear friend; three months since the entire dragon population was killed. Back in Medynum, Samara realizes she needs time to herself to think and reflect on all that happened. She’s not sure what to do now that it’s all over and hopes to find an answer in solitude. She goes to a nearby island to meditate and figure her life out. But on the way to her destination, the land pulses and Samara feels a very familiar power ... not long after, the man she thought she would never see again returns to her with very surprising news. With the orb and Danteous back, Samara now has several choices: Reclaim her responsibilities and keep the orb (and humanity) safe – or ignore them and continue with her new life as if nothing happened? Not only that, but should she forgive Danteous? Or send him on his way and accept that that part of her life is over? Find out in "Dies Irae: The End."




Dead Seed (published as R. Vance) -- BEST SELLER







For Reviews:
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Dead Seed
, download, hardcover, Kindle!

Suicidal Aralyn Montgomery finds herself thrust into a world of domination and torture when a Master vampire claims her as his. If she does not obey his every command, he punishes her in ways that have been considered sick, twisted, and evil. The Master wishes to make Aralyn his eternal lover. To do this, he must turn her into a vampire. But first he wants her to give him what he has always desired.... Will Aralyn escape his monstrous clutches? Or will she be forced to live with him for eternity and made his pet?

For Lulu Reviews, click the "Paperback" link under the title.

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Dementia (with bonus short story "Dare"--prequel to "Dead Seed")







For Reviews:
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Dementia (with bonus short story "Dare")
, download, Kindle!

--DEMENTIA -- There is an unwritten rule among vampires: never drink the blood of a child. Children are the future for all vampires. They grow and reproduce, ensuring the vampires' continued food supply. Dementia is a rebel vampire who refuses to conform to the "rules" of her brothers and sisters; she is obsessed with the blood of the innocent. Her vampire brethren are growing tired of her games. She is given a warning, but it may be too late for that. Will Dementia be persuaded to give up her favorite sustenance, or will extreme measures have to be taken against her?
-- DARE (short story prequel to "Dead Seed") -- They had heard stories of a vampire.... "It had all just been for fun. A self-dare. They hadn’t meant for this to happen and if they could go back...well, of course they wouldn’t do it again."


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Bad Customers: A Guide to Customer Etiquette



Bad Customers
, download, Kindle!

Any retail worker can relate to the contents of this little book. Every customer--essentially any human being to walk this planet--should read this guide in order to better them self...or else suffer the wrath of a retail worker who has finally cracked because that last darn customer wouldn't leave the store at closing time. Inside this book are examples of bad customers, real-life events, and advice on what you should and shouldn't do in order to be a good customer. Humorous and true, this guide is sure to educate and entertain.

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Dies Irae (Day of Wrath)











This is my masterpiece -- my personal favorite. Though not my first completed novel, this is the first book I started writing. I'd love to see it on the big screen one day.


Dies Irae: Love & Friendship
(part one)
, download, Kindle!

Seventeen years ago the cruel dragon, Cyril the Black, created an orb with enough power to wipe out the human race. In order to put an end to his tyranny, sorcerers--unable to kill the powerful dragon--trapped his soul inside his own creation: the orb. Now, Cyril's soul has awakened and he is beckoning the One who will release him from his prison. Samara Callaghan is powerful enough to stop the One from unleashing the dragon on the human race once more. There’s just one problem: her enemy is her lover . . . and a dragon. 



Dies Irae: Betrayal & Tribulation
(part two)
, download, Kindle!

Samara is questioning her own heart. Her constant run-ins with her former lover are starting to take their toll. She loves Danteous, but also knows she can’t let down the human race. Will she be strong enough to follow the right path, or give in to her own selfish desires? The companions must make it through one more tribulation before the end: the death of one of their own. Stricken with grief and anger, will they be able to obtain their objective and destroy the orb? Or will Cyril the Black be unleashed to terrorize humanity once more?


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 Dies Irae

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Dead Seed

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Bad Customers

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The EPIC Dies Irae Trailer

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