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02/01/14: HOLY SHIT GAIS. It's been almost two years since I've updated this website. Well, if you aren't on my Facebook page, you probably don't know why. I HAD A BABY. After one miscarriage, some depression, and then a successful pregnancy, labor, and delivery, I have a BEE-AUTIFUL baby girl who is now 8 months old! I love being a mommy, but unfortunately, my writing has taken a sacrifice. I'm finally at a point now where I feel like I can start writing again on a semi-regular basis.

I have a short story that's been sitting in my files, waiting to be edited. It's a homo-erotica/horror that I hope one day will collide with another short story in the making. But for now, I'll let it stand on its own. My hopes and goals for the next few months are to edit this story and then post it here on this website. I will send an email blast to those of you who are members of this web site.

Stay tuned.

Hoping it doesn't take two years.



02-13-12: I have posted a little treat for you guys. Happy early VDay. Click here to read.

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Hello and welcome to my website of goodies. This website is all about stories for your reading pleasure. The stories posted are complete -- I will not post a few chapters and then tell you to buy the rest (there is a page for my books for sale, but that's entirely optional). However be warned: if you're looking for eloquent writing and deep, complex plots, you've made a wrong stop. I still consider myself an amateur and I know others do as well -- the writing may not be fabulous, but the stories still entertain, which is their and my purpose.

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